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    "I found that one quarter pound hamburger requires over 660 gallons of water to produce. Here I’ve been taking these short showers trying to save water, to find out just eating one hamburger is equivalent to showering 2 entire months."

     - Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

    I’m sure clearing the brazilian rainforests for soy (common vegan staple) has had 0 impact on the environment though :/

    I apologize if you’re being sarcastic (in which case haha, hilarious, well done) but just so we’re clear:

    “About 85 percent of the world’s soybean crop is processed into meal and vegetable oil, and virtually all of that meal is used in animal feed

    Some two percent of the soybean meal is further processed into soy flours and proteins for food use… Approximately six percent of soybeans are used directly as human food, mostly in Asia.” 

    Those numbers are directly from the soy industry (http://www.soyatech.com/soy_facts.htm). You can’t call propaganda on that at all. Then you gotta think about the fact that soy is in pretty much everything you eat.

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    caught on camera

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    this post is my dream come true

    babies with babies

    i like that all the mama’s expressions are like “I DID IT! I MADE THESE FUZZY BURRITOS”

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  6. The Last Bookstore on 5th and Spring, Downtown L.A.
    The bookstore as seen from the second floor Labyrinth, where all books are $1
    A tunnel of books
    Take a peek at and through some books
    A former bank in the historic building serves as the sci-fi section of The Last Bookstore
    Old audio equipment, record players and stacks of 45s double as planters in the used LP section


    The Last Bookstore in downtown L.A., California’s largest independent bookseller.

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    Amazon ruined our cat’s birthday but look how they made it up to her :D

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    true friends :’)

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